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I live for creativity, results and having a good time along the way. I'll dig into your business objectives, ask the smart questions, get to know you, and produce something together that'll turn heads and make us all proud. Trust me to deliver insightful work based on what you really need. I design solutions for any media.

01 Biography

My name is Stijn Bessem

I am a visual/web designer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Specialised in web and app design. Creating beautiful, usable, professional websites & applications using best practice accessibility and user friendly. For all my design assignments my weapons of choice are Photoshop, Sketch & Illustrator for creating layouts, then prototyping for the best look and feel in inVision

From workflow diagrams to detailed user interface mockups, I love shaping and crafting on-screen experiences. I am passionate about making sure that systems, interfaces, language and graphics are human-friendly, emotive, aesthetically pleasing, clear, on-brand and usable - with a touch of mellow smoothness.

My Skills

Research & Documentation

Personas, User Scenarios, Task Flows, Wireframes, Sitemaps, Storyboards, Mockups, Prototypes.

Creative Concepting

Ideas that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action.

Design & Prototyping

Low and high fidelity mockups on paper, with Sketch & inVision

02 Brands

"When strategy, design and technology play nicely, results are great."

T-Mobile Ziggo Vodafone HollandsNieuwe Google Maik de Boer 24Nannies Kroese NewMotion Chunk

03 Vodafone Digital Newsletter

web Design

Vodafone hired Chunk - the agency where I currently work - to design and develop a digital platform for the email newsletter. Projects will go live soon.

04 T-Mobile CEO

Application Design

As design intern at Oberon one of my assignment was redesigning the existing employees application of T-Mobile. Work is still in progress.

05 HollandsNieuwe

Web Design

While working for the creative agency 'Chunk' in Amsterdam I've been responsible for rebranding the website of HollandsNieuwe. HollandsNieuwe is a company runnend by Vodafone Netherlands.

06 Vodafone 3G Sunset

Web Design

While working for the creative agency 'Chunk' in Amsterdam I've been responsible for designing a landingpage for Vodafone 3G Sunset.


Software Design

As a designer I'm trying to improve myself on different kind of levels. I started designing software for luxury domotica. HEDO ('hedonism'; "the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.").

08 Chunk Customer Care

Web App Design

Running an intern project for 'Chunk' to measure the satisfaction of our services through a custom online survey tool. Being responsible of the UX and Visual design of the webbased app.

09 Kpito Italian Primary School Game

Game Design

As design intern at Oberon one of my assignment is Designing an web-based game for primary schools in Italy. Work is still in progress

10 Vodafone SoHo Matchmaker

UX & Web Design

While working for the creative agency 'Chunk' based in Amsterdam I was responsible for the design of the online SoHo Matchmaker Tool mainly used by small entrepeneurs.

11 Kroese Paternotte


KroesePaternotte is a real estate agency based in Amsterdam. My assignment is redesigning the website by focussing on the Corporate Identity.

12 Creativity


13 Article Design

Magazine design

Assignment to design something I haven't done before. In this case; magazine sheets. Something different than designing websites or applications.

Get in Touch...

Like what you see? If you want to talk about how to make the most of digital, virtual or augmented reality, or other new technology, feel free to contact me. I'm a great listener and always up for a chat. You can contact me trough mail, LinkedIn or simply give me a call. How would you like your coffee?

14 Contact

Contact Information

S. R. Bessem

T: +316 226 533 89